TC-300R epoxy powder coating line is specially designed for the continuous coating of radial leads electronic components, such as high voltage ceramic disc capacitors, NTC/PTC, thick film networks, varistors, and coils, etc.

The production made of this model is of a continuous type of coating, therefore, a wheel type of feeding is  adopted to cope with the operation of a buffer mechanism to ensure the continuous production of the rear  section. The characteristics of the part being processed will determine the most effective type of infeed  mechanism.
A thermos type of conduction is utilized to ensure the even spreading of temperature to each and every point of  the material and the stability of the temperature without allowing any direct contact of the heating with the  material or causing any destroy to the material itself. A thermocouple feedback temperature controller assures  that the components reach proper temperature for optimal coating results.
A wheel, carrying powder on its periphery, a layer of powder will be applied by this mechanism, which will be  increased or decrease depending upon the thickness required.
The powder within the powder trough will be maintained at same height in a steady, rapid renew mode. By  means of the horizontal height of the powder, the height of the coating will be controlled. This process provides  extremely uniform and precise coating tolerance.
Collect the material, which has finished its coating process into rolls. The wheel may be disassembled for  processing at the next station. There are two spare wheels in this collection station. Upon replacement, as there  is no need to stop the operation of the machine, the process of the previous section will not be affected.
Finished above coating work process, depending the size of the material allowed  a Curing Oven may be additionally installed to directly dry the material on the production line to finish the  product. Curing Oven is provided in long time to dry.
And there are some independent thermocouple feedback controllers to regulate temperature. The size of oven  incorporated into a system is a function of the operating speed and cure time required.
Offset printing, jet printing and laser marking are all available and easily incorporated into the powder coating  system. components may thus be altered to  produce a more cylindrical finished product.