High Speed Processing System for SMD Component
Compact Test, Mark, Tape & Reel
High-effect, Low noise and Low wastage

Products:SMD, Chip component
Bowl Feeding (Bulk)
Testing – 10 Module (Change with demand)
Sorting – 10 Modules (Change with demand)
Laser Marking
Mark Inspection
Taping – 2 Modules (Change with demand)

 Applicable parts
Various kinds of chips
 Parts supply
Bulk components, Bowl feeder
2 set of Unpowered plug & play type testing modules,
adaptable tester interface to customer application
 Laser Marking
Direct driven module, multiple marking according to test result possible,
interface for nearly all industrial laser marking systems
 Vision Inspection
Interface for nearly all industrial vision inspector
Plug & play type rejecting modules, reject by air blow
2 set of Plug & play type taping modules, Thermo compression sealing with  adjustable  temperature control, and including  auto switch over function- When 1  tape is full that will  auto switch to another taping modules without downtime.
 Carrier tape
8 to 16 mm
 Power requirements
220/380V AC, 50/60 Hz
 Vacuum source
Vacuum pump (built-in)
 Outside dimensions
1,670(L) x 780(W) x 1,800(H) mm