We are manufacturer of manufacture many kinds of electronic component production equipment in Taiwan. We have over 40 years experience in the manufacture and exportation of component machinery.

We have been establishing for over 40 years, specialize in Automatic electronic component whole product equipment. Such as Automatic (High- Voltage) Diode Marking, Testing and Taping machinery, Capacitor equipment, Automatic Inductor, Capacitor, Epoxy Powder Coating machinery, Fuse manufacture equipment, Semiconductors manufacture equipment, Diode manufacture equipment, Resistor manufacture equipment, Coils manufacture equipment, and Automatic Ferrite Core Wire Bonding machinery.

At present our machines already be use by many companies around the world.They achieve the strict demands of production of our customers completely. We are confident that our machines will be able to give your products high quality of producing, and will meet your all requirements.

As a leading manufacturer of automated equipment for electronic component production in Taiwan. Our R&D team is continuously developing new products and our customer service is outstanding too!